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To Cater is to Pamper

For all of you that know me, you must know that I live to cook and cook to live. Once my culinary journey began in 1984 I was no where close to where I am now. Those days I use to think to cater a large event is just feeding a larger group.

Now I know that there is so much more to catering. To truly Cater is to pamper.

Here are some rules that I go by.

I hope you can use these rules in helping you in the the decision making process.

1. The word no should not exist in a caterers vocabulary

2. As a caterer you are trusted with the flavors that enhance an event so you better deliver

3. A caterer must create a custom approach to each gathering.

4. The budget is set by the event's hostess or host and the caterers passion for creating flavors should not be contingent upon a budget.

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